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Please kindly find the Associations' Speech and conferences powerpoint of 19th Asian Horological Trade and Industry Promotion Conference as below:

中國鐘表協會團長致詞 Chief Delegate Speech of China Horologe Association

印尼代表團團長致詞 Delegation Speech of Indonesia

香港鐘表業總會團長致詞 Chief Delegate Speech of The Federation of Hong Kong Watch Trades and Industries Ltd.

菲律賓鐘錶同業協會團長致詞 Chief Delegate Speech of Philippine Timepiece Dealers

新加坡鐘錶業公會團長致詞 Chief Delegate Speech of Singapore Clock & Watch Trade Association

馬來西亞鐘錶總會團長致詞 Chief Delegate Speech of Malaysia Watch Trade Association

韓國時計產業協同組合團長致詞 Chief Delegate Speech of Korea Watch & Clock Industry Cooperative

日本鐘表業總會 一般社團法人團長致詞 Chief Delegate Speech of Japan Clock & Clock Association

台灣區鐘錶工業同業公會團長致詞 Chief Delegate Speech of Taiwan Watch & Clock Industrial Association

Conference and Workshop Powerpoint

Successful Brand Building Factors in Asia 創建成功亞洲品牌要素

Efficient Staff Training to Make a Success 培育人材成企業前進先驅思維

The Essential Factors for Succession Planning 家族企業傳盛要素

How to Commercialize Technology more Effectively 新科技的應用

Make your promotion on Social Media Platform 善用社交媒體平台作有效宣傳

Increase Corporate Value Through Social Responsibility 承擔社會責任創造企業品牌價值